What even is an OIDC CLI?

This is the second article in the series. For the first article, visit here.

Multiple Okta SAML Identity Providers

What’s the best way to register multiple Okta instances in a Spring Boot application as potential sources of identity and authorization?

PHAAS? What acronyms you get when everything is as a service

Can’t I hash my own passwords?

Companies have a vested interest in ensuring passwords in their care are handled securely. A centralized PHAAS could help by ensuring that passwords are encoded and verified according to company standards and best practices. Centralizing password hashing also removes…

During the past few months I’ve been fortunate to spend a good deal of time with my family. I’ve noticed a few patterns with the kids — patterns I’ve also seen while leading agile software teams and doing technical consulting for seven companies.

Here’s a few scenarios that I found…

Let’s say you’re an application developer, crafting an application that will be secured by the UAA OAuth 2.0 server. You expose an HTTP endpoint that requires consumers to have an OAuth scope called app-x-read-only.

An HTTP client has called your endpoint, and handed you a token! …

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